Becks Commissions

Welcome to my commissions website! Here I list some of the various things I can custom-make for you.
Prices listed are in US dollars.
Contact me on Discord at beckadam.7088 or via email at [email protected] and I'll give you a quote.
If you decide to message me on Discord, please include a link to this website with your initial message.
Due to the prevalence of scams, I generally ignore random DMs.

If something you want made is above and beyond or not listed, contact me and we can work something out.

Minecraft Mod Commissions

Simple Intermediate Advanced
Custom Textures 20 40 80
Blocks and Items* 25 40 80
Recipes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tool Sets 2 4 16
Armor Sets 2 4 16
Ore Generation Yes Yes Yes
Structure Generation No Yes Yes
Custom Dimensions No Yes Yes
Advanced Behaviors No Yes Yes
Base Cost (USD) $20 $50 $100

*Blocks and Items limit does not include tool and armor sets.

Minecraft Mod Gallery

Simple Content Mod

More Lapis Lazuli (Modrinth)
Screenshot of More Lapis Lazuli Screenshot of More Lapis Lazuli
Screenshot of More Lapis Lazuli Screenshot of More Lapis Lazuli

Intermediate Content Mod

SmashingRocks (Modrinth)
Screenshot of SmashingRocks Screenshot of SmashingRocks
Screenshot of SmashingRocks

Minecraft Skin Commissions

I will make you a custom skin from a reference image to the best of my abilities.
Without a reference image it will take me longer to make and will likely cost more depending on the required detailing.
Base Cost $10
Outer Layer +$5
From description* +$10

*From text description without reference image. This won't always apply, I'll give a quote beforehand.

Minecraft Skin Gallery

Screenshot of a custom skin I made
Ignore the blue outline, these photos were screenshotted from BlockBench.

Shader Commissions

I make shaders! Primarily in Unity HLSL, though I can do GLSL.
I charge $5 flat for simple shaders, otherwise $10 per hour of work.
Contact me with a brief description of what you want done and I'll give you a quote.

Generally I will provide several revisions for free.
If you need more than 3 revisions it will count towards the overall work hours.

Shader Gallery

Screenshot showcasing some of my shaders

VTuber Avatar Gallery

Please note that despite the game's popularity, I will not upload or create content for VRChat due to personal gripes with how the platform is run.

Example with Props and Particle Effects

Advanced Avatar Example
Base model is the "Bestboi Dutchie" by Sequential_ShutLock, VictonRoy, and Rustydustyfox.
The Jake hat, deal with it shades, and lightning effects are my own work.